About Us

Here at Kirklington Primary School:-

We aim to ensure that pupils leave Kirklington Primary School having unlocked their potential in finding their unique skills and talents and with a sense of their own individuality and independence.  We teach children to challenge self imposed restrictions, foster high aspirations and encourage positive self esteem. We want our children to be happy and confident in themselves and also secure in the knowledge that the world is at their feet.

We aim to motivate and inspire pupils through creative teaching which is innovative, full of enrichment and uses the most up to date teaching methods and technology. Due to the small size of our school the environment is inclusive and nurturing; we are adaptable and flexible in all that we do. Importantly we are able to tailor our teaching to the individual needs of the pupils.

We expect children in our community as a minimum to reach age related levels, in line with national standards and ensure that the barriers to learning are removed so that every pupil realises their full potential.

We strive for our school environment to be a happy and hard-working one; where friendship and inclusion are valued and pupils take responsibility for their own actions.

We, as members of the school community, including pupils, staff, governors and parents, hold a stake in our School; together we are all committed to establishing a life-long love of learning, enabling our children to take their place confidently within a rapidly changing world

Tracy Burn Smith, Executive Headteacher

Marie Smith, Chair of Governors

Staffing is as follows:
Executive Head Teacher – Mrs Tracy Burn-Smith
Business Manager – Mrs Tracey Maguire
Administrative assistant – Mrs Kate McNish

Assistant Heads – Mrs Paula Bryant & Mrs Louisa Williams
Beagle Class & Swallows group – Mrs Nicola Howe & Mrs Louisa Williams
Mayflower Class – Mr Joe Trickey
Endeavour Class – Mr Will Smith
Additional Teaching staff –
Mrs Val Wright (music)
Teaching Assistants – Mrs Maureen Hampson, Mrs Sarah Herniman,
Mr Tom Stone, Mrs Steph Wrigley, Mrs Janina HardingMrs Frankie Marshall,

Mrs Jo Parkin & Mrs Lindamarie Woolley
Sports coaches – Dan Richards & Lee Brooks, Express Coaching Team
Midday Supervisors – Mr Tom Stone and Mrs Vanessa Claricoates
Senior Dining Room Assistant – Mrs Tracy Stafford
Cleaning and caretaking – Mr Tom Stone
We also benefit from volunteer helpers and work experience placement students,
including trainee teachers from Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln and NCC’s Arts Supports Service, ‘Inspire’

Information about our Governing Body can be found here.